POWER FROM HELL - Spellbondage CD


It is often said that this band is total Bathory worship, and this statement couldn't be any more true. Almost everything on this album sounds like Bathory's earlier recordings, namely the ones on the first "Scandinavian Metal Attack," only slightly faster. The voice is pretty much what you would expect from black metal, only they truly sound dark and menacing like Quorthon's early vocal style rather than the sounds of being anally raped by an elephant that you will find in other modern black metal vocalists. The guitar riffs are pretty simple here. There are very few chord manipulations, if any on this recording, so you wont find any pseudo-somber atmospheric bedroom black metal from this band, but instead just pure old school punk-type metal riffs. Definitely not played by some schmuck that has no idea what he's doing and thinks he's playing for a bunch of people that don't know the difference. This is their 3rd album from 2009.

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