Goat Cult Perversion Magazine #2


A4, b&w, pro-printed, 52 pages, English written [500 were printed and handnumbered]: 43 interviews with following bands: Ancient Rites, Vociferian, Obeisance, War Command, Heretic, Blasphemophagher, Black Torment, Lustful, Miasthenia, Blaspherian, Wind of the Black Mountains, Adorior, Ungod, Zemial, Grave Desecrator, Acherontas, Unholy Archangel, Evil Incarnate, Warfist, Chainsaw Carnage, Angel Butcher, Paganus Doctrina, Bastard Christ, Imperial, Wargoat, Tearstained, Rot, As Vampiric Shades and Belial Winds, Capitis Damnare, Draconis Infernum, Infernal Kingdom, Black Horns, Thy Rites, Nocturnal Blood, Goatfago, Spellcraft, Hekseri / Witchblood, Morbid Moon Rec., Cursed Christ, Monuments of Bones, Necronomicon Beast, Nokturne ... incl. 2 "tribute to Sarcofago" pages. Advertisement of UG labels etc... Few changes was made since the fist issue, Goat Cult Perversion is now The Black Vomit, but not only the name for the zine is changed, the quality too, interviews are better, pages looks better.

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