Wow, what a dirty, blazing, hateful punishing album! Abaddon Incarnate’s debut “The Last Supper” was a clenched fist, hate saturated inferno of blasphemy and spite, and it sounded like a Possessed, early Cryptopsy, Incantation, and Morbid Angel cocktail…only more unruly and intense than all four put together. Now Abaddon Incarnate has a more savage grindcore sound, but still with heavy raw death undertones. In fact I’d say their new style is basically the old style only 4-minute songs crammed into 2-minute rage-fests. There’s not one thing pretty or subtle here; it’s just one chaotic joyride into psychosis right into another(sas a few VERY brief moments thast serve to really only build into the next apocalyptic downward spiral).

The production is a wall of noise, energy and dirt. The production job is done by none other than Mr. Meiszko Talaczyk of Nasum/Regurgitate/Exhumed fame. And this is without doubt his best sounding job! When I first heard this was the man who was to do Nadir I wasn’t real sure if I’d like it but I have to say the sound on this is extremely gruesome and harsh! The guitar sound is a blistering, grating, scathing sandpaper tone and the bass is a cruel slab of grit and grime! The drumming sounds like hammers sent from the unholy heavens and the vocals are outlandishly acrid and vile!


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