NOCTURNAL VOMIT - Divine Profanation CD


All the demos of this psychotic death metal horde for first time compiled on one cd. Technicality be shunned, this is not one of those albums. Fuck your production values, in fact, fuck your values period. This is war death metal, with low vocals, shrieks, and crazy riffing reminiscent of wild animals tearing shit up. If you are into that sort of thing this will appeal to you beyond any, this is a great example of typical Greek death metal. Demos on here are excellent, almost on par with Corpse Molestation and friends. Dungeon death metal, except played in this decade, although you would not be able to tell, had you not known this was recorded in 2004. Tracks 1-6 from "Infernal Ascension of the Gods" demo 2003, Tracks 7-13 from "Death Will Not Be Swift" demo 2004, Tracks 14-18 from "Barbaric Torture Squad" Reh 2001, Tracks 19-21 from "Eternal Age Of Malevolence" Reh 2001.


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