KING - Sufferance Obscolencent CD


NHR is proud to announce the release of King's debut CD "Sufferance Obsolescent", filled with some of the most atmospheric, miserable and bitter Dark Black Metal to be heard from Canada in some time. Armed with a solidly grim production and an impressive array of material, the quality of this release will stand as one of the best debut CDs of the Northern Black Metal scene. For fans of Lifelover, Burzum, and the depressive side of the Black Metal realm.King's music is a simple and pretty brilliant setup: combine suicidal black metal with a bit of rock and roll and primitive second wave Norwegian BM to create something that's melodic, atmospheric, and depressive, but with enough motion to keep those who aren't dedicated Beatrik fans interested. The primary influences of this music seem to be Darkthrone, Gallhammer, and a whole host of pseudo-depressive black metal bands, and as patently offensive as the idea of such a mixturesounds, I have to say it works out well. So well, actually, that I'd prefer to listen to this than about 95% of the other stuff in my musical collection. King is actually a fairly daring band despite the simplicity of their ideas, and this album seems to be a real all-or-nothing bid with them: either the vision was going to come together or it wasn't, with no grey area in between. Fortunately for us, it was the former.


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