IMPIOUS HAVOC - At the Ruins of the Holy Kingdom LP


For those not in the know, Impious Havoc is a complete and absolute clone of Gorgoroth with not a trace of originality to be found anywhere in their music. Unlike most other clone bands content to replicate one particular album or era, Impious Havoc seems to actually be moving through Gorgoroth's career themselves. Earlier material is more in the vein of 'Pentagram' while this release is an obsessive cloning of 'Under The Sign Of Hell' from from slightly thrashy and unbearably grim songwriting to brackish, chaotic production. The production is ultra-dry and monochromatic and even the guitar sounds like a snare drum with its chainsaw distortion. The drums thump out a series of simple thrash beats with the occasional rickety tom fill tying lines of music together while guitars churn out vicious tremolo riffs and the occasional midpaced strum passage. Vinyl released by Aphelion Productions, limited to 500 copies, with 2 vinyl bonus tracks.


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