NECROPLASMA - Gospels of Antichristan Terror CD


Swedish Black Maniac desecrators strike again. This CD includes their (3) early demos: The Cold Of The Uncaring Moon (1999), Black Funeral Horns (2000), Necroplasma (2001). One track (Goat Sodomy Eternal, on demo 2000) is found on CD but not listed in booklet. The band is usually described as a black/thrash hybrid, but not much of the latter can be heard. Whatever thrash influence appears on the record is totally subservient to the blackness of the band's vision, and when it does register on the surface, it seems to be doing so on an almost impulsive level.

The production is the kind of semi-hollow, booming and suffocating basement variety, like a raw mini-vortex. This band is simply hellbent of destruction, utilizing hyper-frenetic chainsaw riffage, an awesome bass thundering right up front in the mix, and blasting, oh ever blasting away cow skin beatings. Occassionally, the acrid smoke clears long enough for a roaring throat lasceration to be heard. With sufficient wattage, your speakers should begin to spew a devastating necromagma with those rotten demos. No more words needed, prepare for a massive strike.

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